Sheltering beneath a vast crescent of shade, a teeming cultural and recreational entrepot dedicated to the celebration of the global culture of the camel shimmers like a mirage. Located at the site of the great Saudi festival with its races, auctions, and beauty contests that already attracts two million visitors in January, the new city adds a vast range of activities, events, and facilities that will enliven the place around the year and draw tens of millions of visitors from around the world.

BüroEhring was tasked with providing structural engineering services for this new roof canopy portion of the proposal. Spanning nearly 3 football stadiums, BüroEhring proposed using nearly 6’-0” tapered built-up steel sections for the canopy members. BüroEhring utilized advanced FEM analysis models to design and size the complex roof canopy, and provided detailing design on the various connections between the roof members.



LOCATION: Saudi Arabia

ARCHITECT: Scalar Architecture + Michael Surkin

TYPE: Cultural / City Planning

Square Footage: > 80,000,000 SF

PROJECT STATUS: International Design Competition

*Images courtesy of Scalar Architecture + Michael Surkin