• Project Code5AVET
  • Project Name5th Avenue Tower
  • LocationNew York, NY
  • ArchitectStephen Alton Architect
  • TypeResidential + Hospitality + Commercial, Research

The 5th Avenue Tower proposes a 640 foot tall, mixed-use tower in Midtown, Manhattan. The design features unique volumes that rotate and deviate from the building’s original footprint at various heights of the building. The lower floors are comprised of retail and amenities, while the upper floors are dedicated to residential spaces.

Additional Information
The scope of work included developing a structural concept and design of the unique tower design, which features a reinforced concrete core, composite floor slabs, and a system of perimeter columns paired with outrigger structures at distinct levels that enhance the stiffness of the building. Using Grasshopper for optimization, the building form was manipulated while the structural performance was monitored.

Expertise Caption
Applied Research, Structural Design + Engineering, Structural Steel Connection Design, Glazing + Structural Glass, Advanced Structural Analysis, Structural Optimization