• Project CodeGLSBK
  • Project NamePost Breakage Behavior of Laminated Overhead Glazing
  • LocationLondon, UK
  • TypeResearch

Overhead glazing is used in the construction industry in a wide array of applications ranging from glass façades and roofs to structural walkways. To develop a best practice guideline for laminated overhead glazing, a comprehensive study was conducted to understand the glass’ post-breakage behavior. A series of large-scale tests were performed on different glazing compositions under typical boundary conditions and sustained loading.

Additional Information
A staged testing series is conducted with two different compositions of laminated glazing with varying degrees of glass tempering - the first specimen type comprises of one lite of heat strengthened glass combined with one lite of fully toughened glass and the second specimen type comprises of two lites of heat strengthened glass combined. The glass compositions are supported by glass point fixings in each corner that are loaded throughout the test and glass breakage is induced through impact on both lites. Post-breakage behavior data was monitored to provide a best practice guideline for laminated overhead glazing compositions that will be directly applicable to contemporary projects and add guidance beyond existing national and international standards.

Expertise Caption
Applied Research, Structural Glass Testing, Advanced Numerical Analyses, Specialty Structures