• Project CodeSTEMH
  • Project NameSTEM Modular Housing
  • LocationUnited States
  • ArchitectVessel Technologies
  • TypeResidential, Research

Vessel Technologies is dedicated to transitioning the world out of the global housing crisis based on 21st century technologies with their volumetric modular housing projects designed to be adaptable to anywhere in the United States. With the focus directed on better design, material selection and manufacturing processes, Vessel offers a housing alternative that is reliable, durable, accessible and affordable.

Additional Information
All elements of the projects are pre-fabricated, including the superstructure, modules, and foundations, in order to keep construction times to a minimum. Büro Ehring provided full structural engineering design services and building envelope design services for the project. The project is a module-based kit of parts prefabricated construction.

Expertise Caption
Structural Analysis + Design, BIM Modelling, Construction Engineering, Façade + Building Envelope Consulting, Advanced Enclosure Design, Façade Energy Code Consulting