BüroEhring unites experience and proficiency in design, investigation, and restoration to deliver innovative solutions that effortlessly fuse complexity and efficiency by catering to the project's unique engineering requirements. We tailor our comprehensive set of capabilities and services to projects of all sizes and types. 


Structural Engineering

Creativity, analysis, ingenuity and a touch of technical innovation combined to deliver exciting, efficient structures that go beyond expectations.  We offer outstanding design solutions and value.  At BüroEhring we find creative solutions to complex challenges, endorsing our holistic approach to architecture, engineering design, fabrication, and construction.


  • Building Structures
  • Long-Span Structures
  • Tall & Slender Structures
  • Cultural Buildings
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Educational
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Stadiums & Arenas

Structural Services:

  • Structural Design
  • Construction Engineering
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Renovation & Rehabilitation
  • Structural Investigation
  • Failure Evaluation
  • Structural Forensic
  • Support of Excavation
  • Structural Steel Connection Design

Façade Engineering

BuroEhring provides façade consulting services to architects, building owners, and developers at all project stages from early design through to construction.  We solve complex design challenges, improve constructability, and maximize energy efficiency. Our expertise in systems and materials ranges from traditional opaque walls and curtain walls to innovative custom design solutions.  Our capabilities allow us to collaborate efficiently with designers and support manufacturers during design assist, fabrication, and installation.


  • Curtain Walls
  • Exterior Wall & Cladding Systems
  • Roofing & Waterproofing
  • Brick & Terracotta
  • Cable Systems
  • Double Facades
  • Glazing & Structural Glass
  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete

Façade Services

  • Façade & Building Envelope Consulting
  • Advanced Enclosure Design
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Façade Construction Engineering Support
  • Thermal & Hygrothermal Analysis
  • Envelope Investigation
  • Envelope Failure Evaluation
  • Detail Engineering for Contractors
  • Façade Renovation & Rehabilitation

Specialty Engineering

We offer a wide range of specialty engineering services, that solve complex design challenges, meet geometric complexities, engineer state-of-the-art materials, improve constructability, and foster innovation. We use an array of sophisticated analytical techniques to solve specialty engineering design problems of a wide range of structural type and material.


  • Signature Staircases
  • Art Installations & Sculptures
  • Canopy Structures
  • Landmark Structures
  • Slender & Long Span Structures
  • Stadiums & Arenas

Specialty Design Services

  • Glazing & Structural Glass
  • Complex Geometries
  • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Structural Optimization
  • Glass Failure Investigation 
  • Fire & Life Safety Consulting

BRIDGE Engineering

BüroEhring offers a wide range of expertise to support client needs for both new and existing bridge structures. We specialize in analysis, design, investigation, and rehabilitation for a wide variety of bridge infrastructure projects.


  • Footbridges & Overpasses
  • Road & Highway Bridges
  • Railway Bridges
  • Long Span Structures
  • Temporary Structures

Bridge Engineering Services:

  • Bridge Design
  • Bridge Contractor Support Services
  • Structural Bridge Investigation
  • Bridge Repair & Rehabilitation
  • Construction Sequencing & Methods