• Project CodeCBOVE
  • Project NameCarol Bove Sculpture
  • LocationNew York, NY
  • ArtistCarol Bove
  • Developer/OwnerDavid Zwirner Gallery
  • TypeArt Installation
  • Square Footage3ft x 9ft
  • StatusCompleted

These 2018 works elaborate on the artist’s earlier sculptures, with more complex forms that twist, fold, and bend into postures that belie their material construction. Bove manipulates steel to varying degrees, rendering gentle folds with some, and extreme, almost anthropomorphic contortions in others. Their contrasting textures – matte, glossy, or rough – create a further sense of visual play, heightening the surface tension throughout.

Additional Information
Büro Ehring provided engineering consulting services, including assistance to measurement of materials and fabrication of the result effect, bending 10/10” tube to 6/6” tube, joining the bent tube with lower scrap metal, and final delivery of the sculpture to the site of David Zwirner Gallery in New York.

Expertise Caption
Structural Design, Failure Evaluation, Complex Geometries, Structural Optimization, Advanced Structural Analysis