• Project CodeCNGAR
  • Project NameConstitution Gardens
  • LocationWashington, D.C.
  • ArchitectRogers Partners PWP Landscape Architecture
  • TypeCultural / Institutional
  • StatusCompetition - Winner

Constitution Gardens on the capital’s National Mall is being redesigned to revitalize and enhance the current state of the park. The portion of the competition is focused on the area between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, including the park’s six-acre lake. The new pavilion proposal starts from the higher terrain of the Mall and dramatically cantilevers out towards the lake’s path, 20 ft above water level. The open, triangulated grid envelope is designed to be integrated into the landscape and features a restaurant, a grand stair, and an outdoor lookout spanning 160 ft.

Additional Information
The scope of work comprised of structural engineering services, including structural analysis and design of the long-span pavilion roof structure. FEM modeling was utilized for producing stress, deflection, and dynamic response analysis diagrams and optimizing its structural potential.

Expertise Caption
Structural Design, Complex Geometries, Advanced Structural Analysis, Structural Optimization

*Work performed under previous employer.