• Project CodePPNOR
  • Project Name3254 + 3258 Parkside Place
  • LocationBronx, NY
  • ArchitectBadaly Architects
  • Developer/OwnerUA Builders Group
  • TypeResidential + Hospitality
  • Square Footage77,000 sqft
  • StatusUnder Construction

Structural engineering design of a new 7-story residential building located on a narrow through lot site. The below grade foundation structure is comprised of cast-in-place concrete for the perimeter foundation walls, continuous and isolated footings. The parking structure, which extends 3 levels above the lowest adjacent right of way, is a mix of slab on grade and composite concrete slab on metal deck supported on steel infill beams. In the residential extents of the proposed development, ordinary reinforced cmu masonry block walls provide gravity and lateral load support for light-gage steel joist floor system with cement board sheathing.
This 7-story residential building is a new complex located in the Bronx on a narrow through lot site. Due to the unique nature of the landscape, the two residential towers deepen in the middle and thin out at the ends to not overshadow the existing structures nearby. Along with residential spaces, there will also be recreational rooftop spaces, a 49-space parking garage, and storage for up to 44 bicycles.

Additional Information
The scope of this project consisted of the structural engineering design, including the building’s superstructure and below-grade structure. Due to the existing site topography the planned basement level depth below top of grade varies between adjacent parallel streets, reaching depths as low as 50 ft towards the southernmost portion of the site. The narrow site requires rock anchors to provide lateral restraint and resist uplift throughout the foundation level.