• Project CodePPPTX
  • Project NamePoo-Pourri Pavilion
  • LocationAustin, TX
  • Developer/OwnerPoo-Pourri
  • TypeSpecialty Structures + Art Installations
  • Square Footage1,000 sqft
  • StatusComplete

This pneumatic “Poo Pavilion” designed by Pneuhaus is an inflatable showroom on the go! The pavilion expands to be 25 ft tall; it is expected to be a mobile pavilion exhibit. In a series of structural layers, the inner layers form a structural dome covered by a spiraling exterior layer meant to evoke a poop emoji. The interior dome serves as a projection surface. In the words of Poo-Pourri, the pavilion is going to be a “mind-blowing, transformative, fully immersive 360° experience.

Additional Information
Büro Ehring provided structural engineering consulting, working in direct collaboration with Pneuhaus to calculate and structurally design the seams of the inflatable structure.

Expertise Caption
Complex Geometries, Advanced Structural Analysis, Structural Optimization