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The  entry for the Zhangjiang Future Park competition called for over 1,000,000 SF of park and community space, a performing arts center, an exhibition and gallery space, a library, and an athletic center.

The design creates a series of interconnected zones that are unified and sheltered by a unique, lightweight roof structure.

BüroEhring was tasked with providing structural engineering services for this new roof canopy portion of the proposal.  Spanning nearly 3 football stadiums, BüroEhring proposed using nearly 6'-0" tapered built-up steel sections for the canopy members.  BüroEhring utilized advanced FEM analysis models to design and size the complex roof canopy, and provided detailing design on the various connections between the roof members.



LOCATION: Shanghai, China

ARCHITECT: Studio Link-Arc

DEVELOPER / OWNER: Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Co., Ltd

TYPE: Cultural / Community

Square Footage: > 1,000,000 SF

PROJECT STATUS: Competition Entry

*Images courtesy of Studio Link-Arc.